HOG Gippsland Chapter Winner H.O.G.™ MILEAGE RECOGNITION

20th February 2020



Whether it’s an afternoon getaway or a transcontinental journey of a lifetime, every ride you take brings us all a little closer together. With H.O.G.™, you get rewarded for how far you go. HOG send you a pin and patch to start and reward you when you reach key milestones. Just for doing what you already love: Riding your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
  • Programme includes only Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.
  • All mileage checks must be completed by a Harley-Davidson® dealer.
  • IMPORTANT: If you own more than one Harley-Davidson motorcycle, each motorcycle must be enroled before the miles you ride on it may be included.
  • Harley-Davidson® Authorised Rentals mileage may be credited by submitting a copy of the contract mileage to a Harley-Davidson® dealer.

HOG Gippsland Chapter Winner of the
2019 Chapter Mileage Challenge is 
Janette Mann with 29,407 kms

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