Road Captain Jen (JJ) Juschkat

..I can’t remember a time I did not love motorbikes .Jen

and more specifically being obsessed with the Harley Davidson. Growing up all the other girls wanted horses and I just wanted the rumbling 2 wheel horse power variety. Someone said to me when I as 10 that I would need to find a boyfriend who had motorbike so I could go on the back. Hell no!! I wanted to ride my own bike and any damn boyfriend could be my pillion. At 17 a Yamaha SR250 was the start of my journey to my VRod and the first bike I ever rode. Got my Learners and the bike was at home when I got back. Somehow started it and rode to my cousins place 4 blocks away so he could show me how to change gears. Yep, looking back this was completely insane but I managed to survive the roads and 30 years on am still loving riding. 

Several bikes later including BSA, Motorgussi and Triumph the Harley was always on my ‘before I turn 40’ list. A couple of years before I had a Suzuki that was tad tall for me and a friend suggested some Harley boots she saw at Dandenong Harley Heaven that might help me touch the ground when stopping. Long story short, I bought the Harley to go with the boots and sold the Suzuki. I saw the purple 2003 VRod and it was love at first sight and sound. I have had Kleavland for over 10 years now and couldn’t be happier. 

Irony of the story is I can’t ride with the Harley boots due the heel....! smiley