Director - Jason Potts (Pottsy)

Pottsy with Bill Davidson at OmeoMy first excuse to own a bike was in the early 1990’s. I was working and my wife needed our only car to manage the day to day life of our young family. I convinced her that a motorcycle was a cheap solution to get me to work and back. That was one of the few times in my life when I couldn’t wait to head off to work and while I was there all I could think about was the fun of the ride home! It’s the best way to unwind and take a moment out of the day just for yourself.

In the early 2000’s I was self-employed and a customer of mine was heading overseas for several months. He didn’t want to leave his Harley in the shed so I offered to “do him a favour” and look after it for him. To my surprise he thought that was a great idea! Well it took me until 2015 to finally get my own Harley. The kids are all grown up now and left home. We have eight beautiful grandchildren. I love them all dearly and my Harley still gives me that same feeling of relaxation and freedom to unwind and enjoy life!



  • Works with the Sponsoring Dealer to uphold the “Annual Licence for H.O.G. Chapters” and H.O.G. operating policies.
  • Assumes overall responsibility for the administration of the H.O.G. chapter and implementation of Harley Owners Group policies.
  • Signs annual H.O.G. Chapter Licence Application and ensures it is received in H.O.G. office by 31 December.
  • If chapter is incorporated, ensures chapter complies with all corporate state annual filing requirements, if applicable.
  • Promotes H.O.G. and the H.O.G. chapter to potential members.
  • Conducts chapter meetings.
  • Coordinates chapter officer responsibilities.
  • Ensures that risk management requirements pertaining to the Chapter, including procurement of necessary release forms, are met for all chapter activities.
  • Verifies that chapter T-shirt guidelines are followed.
  • Ensures that all trademark requirements are met.
  • Ensures that chapter merchandise orders are supplied to the Sponsoring Dealer.
  • Ensures Chapter Officer News® is available to all fellow officers.
  • Routes H.O.G. correspondence to fellow officers and to membership, as requested.