Webmaster - Jason Potts


Email: Webmaster@HOGGippsland.org.au Jason
Phone: 0400 744 440

My first excuse to own a bike was in the early 1990’s. I was working and my wife needed our only car to manage the day to day life of our young family. I convinced her that a motorcycle was a cheap solution to get me to work and back. That was one of the few times in my life when I couldn’t wait to head off to work and while I was there all I could think about was the fun of the ride home! It’s the best way to unwind and take a moment out of the day just for yourself.

In the early 2000’s I was self-employed and a customer of mine was heading overseas for several months. He didn’t want to leave his Harley in the shed so I offered to “do him a favour” and look after it for him. To my surprise he thought that was a great idea! Well it took me until 2015 to finally get my own Harley. The kids are all grown up now. There’s only one left at home and we have five beautiful grandchildren. I love them all dearly and my Harley still gives me that same feeling of relaxation and freedom to unwind and enjoy life!


  • Assists the Sponsoring Dealer and Chapter Director in upholding the “Annual Licence for H.O.G. Chapters”.
  • Authors, edits and updates the chapter web site.
  • Follows Internet requirements.
  • Presents any potential web site information to the Sponsoring Dealer for approval prior to use. If the Sponsoring Dealer has a home page, discuss linking the chapter home page to the Dealer’s.
  • Includes official chapter name and number on all material published by the chapter.
  • Works with the Chapter Editor to ensure the same information is being communicated to all chapter members and does not rely on the Internet as sole means of chapter communication.
  • Organises and assembles electronic information for the chapter.
  • Informs chapter members of chapter activities by including in the chapter web site.
  • Promotes H.O.G.’s fun, family-oriented philosophy in all web site material.
  • Acts as caretaker for chapter by protecting chapter members privacy by not revealing personal chapter member or private chapter information on the chapter web site.
  • Submits chapter web site to H.O.G. for listing on http://members.hog.com and the h-d dealer locator.

The Webmaster may:

Select information from the Chapter Officer News and HOG® magazine and reprint it on the chapter web site