Sponsoring Dealer - Paul Minster

"It's not a job, it's a dream"

Born in Traralgon in 1970 and rode my 1st motorcycle in 1974, it was a Honda Z50. I still have it in my shed and it starts 1st kick every time. I have been into motorcycles all my life. I love the feeling of walking to my bike and the excitement of getting on and riding away. It has been like that my whole life and I hope that feeling only stops when I stop. I've been into Harley-Davidson since I picked up my Dads brand new Heritage Softail Classic in 1994 at Harley Heaven In Dandenong. I purchased this bike off him in 2000 and since then I've been completely hooked. I was so hooked I dreamt Harley non stop and one day about 12 years ago I contacted H-DA and pleaded my case for a local dealer in Traralgon. It was a long drawn out detailed frustrating but exciting process - and here we all are...

I'm more than approachable and value your input on how we can serve you better as a dealership. As the dealer principal I want nothing more than to run my business and have fun along the way, lots of fun. 
Ride every day and live your legend.



Each H.O.G.® chapter must be sponsored by an authorised Harley-Davidson® dealer.


  • Promotes H.O.G. and the H.O.G. chapter to potential members.
  • Abides by the “Annual Licence for H.O.G. Chapters” and all H.O.G. operating policies. 
  • Ensures that the chapter operates in accordance with the “Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters” and H.O.G. operating policies. 
  • Signs annual H.O.G. Chapter Licence Application and ensures it is received in the H.O.G. office by 31 December. 
  • Ensures the chapter complies with all corporate state/national annual filing requirements. 
  • Approves all chapter publications. 
  • Approves chapter custom T-shirt orders. 
  • Approves any local chapter by-laws (along with the H.O.G. Office). 
  • Contacts the Customer Experience Manager (C.E.M.) prior to disbanding a chapter. 
  • Contacts the C.E.M. prior to starting a chapter. 
  • Approves all fund-raisers.

The Sponsoring Dealer may: 

  • Determine how the chapter officers are chosen and the length of their term. 
  • Suspend or revoke membership to the local chapter. 
  • Rescind chapter sponsorship at their discretion. 
  • Establish chapter dues in accordance with the charter. 
  • Assume any, or all, officer positions.



Paul Minster