Safety Officer - Garry 'Parry' Parr


A Charter Member of the Chapter Parry joined us back in September of 2016.  Parry has served on the Committee as Safety Officer in the past and was keen to get back on board for 2019.

Parry started riding at about 12 years of age on a cousin's 250 BSA Bantam.  He rode mates’ bikes for a long time.  His first bike was a three-cylinder Yamaha 750.  From there he went to I went to Suzuki, Kawasaki, and then a Honda 1100.

Parry's first Harley was a 2012 Harley Fat Boy and now he rides a 2016 Road King and loves it!!


  • Assists the Sponsoring Dealer and Chapter Director in upholding the “Annual Licence for H.O.G. Chapters”.
  • Provides Motorcycle Safety Foundation type information to members.
  • Educates members about the Safe Rider Skills program.
  • Assists the Road Captain in planning routes for chapter rides.
  • Assists the Road Captain in educating members about group riding techniques.
  • Assists the Road Captain in informing chapter members of any hand signals used by the chapter.
  • Assists in the collection of signed release forms.