Secretary - Shane Bartlett

Born in 1961 at Box Hill Hospital.

I first sat on a bike with gears at the age of 13, and by the time I reached 17 I wanted to stop the police chasing me so I went and got my learners (in Sydney at the time) for my 400cc road trail that I rebadged 250cc due to learner restrictions. Well that did not particularly stop the chases but not long after that I met my wife and I started to ‘behave’.

I clearly remember visiting the Vic Roads office in Frankston (back here in Vic now) a year or so later to get my P plates and the testing officer told me the route to take which was basically around the big block and that I was to start and he would follow me out of sight!

Well I rode the lap terrified that I would mess up an indicator or miss a turn only to return back to the testing station feeling OK about my ride. I walked back into the office to wait for the testing dude only to find him standing there still in the same spot. He looked at me and simply asked if I had fallen off! When I replied no, he handed over my probationary license! Much easier in those days, we could then ride unlimited size on P’s.

Since then it has been a mixture of big bangers and metrics until October 2016 when I strolled into TH_D with my wife to buy a pair of gloves and walked out with a receipt for a gorgeous Soft Tail Slim. A month or so later saw the inclusion of an Ultra Limited in the garage as my wife decided we should go for a ride together – to Perth and back.

As Assistant Director my duties are to serve the Chapter and continue on from the great work already done. I look forward to being able to offer any assistance to new & existing members and am available for a chat anytime.


  • Assists the Sponsoring Dealer and Chapter Director in upholding the “Annual Licence for H.O.G. Chapters”.
  • Oversees the administrative needs of the chapter:
    • Keeps minutes of all chapter meetings, including “Annual Chapter Business Meeting”.
    • Ensures that all insurance requirements are met.
  • Oversees Membership Officer position to:
    • Ensure that chapter members have current H.O.G. memberships.
    • Enroll new chapter members.
    • Administers annual chapter member renewal process.
    • Ensure that the most current officer and chapter address information is on file with H.O.G.
    • Maintain annual Chapter Membership Enrollment Form and Release on file for each member.
  • Submits the following forms/reports to H.O.G.:
    • H.O.G. Chapter Licence Application (once a year, by 31 December).
    • Other reports and forms as requested.
  • Obtains, files and maintains records of all insurance forms, including release and injury report forms.
  • Administers the annual chapter business meeting.
  • Submits corporate state annual report to proper state office (or chapter attorney), if applicable.